What is it and why do I want it?

Implementing a table sort, allowing the ability to sort a table by a column, is a common task and the most implemented solution is to send a request to the server for a new page containing the sorted table. Dynamic Table is a javascript table sort tool which uses javascript to allow client side sorting of your data tables.

With Dynamic Table you can make any data table sortable with just one javascript include and one call to an initialization function. After the call the table will can be sorted by clicking on any of the table headers. Because Dynamic Table sorts at the client side it removes unneccessary load on the server and reduces bandwidth usage while at the same time providing near instantaneous response times for the user.

As an added bonus Dynamic Table also allows the user to hide/show the columns they want to see. This can be a real boon in tables with many columns where only a small subset of the data is required.

Dynamic Table Features

Below are some of the main features of Dynamic Table.

Ok it sounds useful, can you give me a look at it?

Below you'll find a demo of the Dynamic Table. You'll notice that all the columns are sortable by clicking on the headers. If you right click or ctrl+click on the header you'll see a menu allowing you to show/hide individual columns.

Col 1Col 2Col 3Col 4Col 5
Foot 1Foot 2Foot 3Foot 4Foot 5

Notice how Dynamic Table easily handles nested elements, dates and currency columns! Dynamic Table also works well with much larger tables. Check out the table sort demo and prepare to be amazed by the incredible performance of Dynamic Table.

It looks good, but why should I choose it over other table sort solutions?

The short answer is that Dynamic Table is the best product you'll find for making your tables sortable. Dynamic Table sorts faster, is easier to configure and contains more functionality than any other table sorting widget.

Another important consideration is cost. Dynamic Table isn't just the best solution around, its also a bargain! Think about how much it costs to pay a good developer per hour and how long it would take to build a quality javascript table sorting widget like Dynamic Table. It's easy to see that purchasing Dynamic Table will not only get you the best table sorting widget around, it will also save you time & money.

It's also far easier to configure. Look around at the competition and you'll find that most require you to specify the sort type for each column. Dynamic Table intelligently detects whether a column contains numeric, text or date information and sorts accordingly. If some other sorting is required for a column you can easily set the sort function for that column. Dynamic Table doesn't try to take over the visual look of the table like some other sorting implementations. All visual aspects of the table remain as set when Dynamic Table was initialized. Dynamic Table just appends to the class of elements and lets the stylesheet sort out any visual impact of the change.

Sounds great, but can I try before I buy?

Sure! Download the fully functional freeware version of this javascript table sort. All we ask in return for using the freeware version is that you place one of the links shown in the links page on any page that uses the script.

I'm confident that once you've tried Dynamic Table, you'll agree that is the best javascript table sort around.

I love it! I want to buy it!

You've made the right decision! Just go to our purchase section and choose the license that bests suits you.